The Most Haunted Places in China

chinaWhether you believe in ghosts or are a skeptic, in China there is thousands of haunted houses, hotels, opera houses and other places. Haunted houses come with a history that normally reaches back centuries, there is no guarantee that demolishing would remove hauntings, there China maintains the buildings

Maybe we should start off with the Yun Shan Dian Hotel, which is located in a small city, northeast of Beijing in the mountains. It is haunted by a couple who haunts the end of the hallway, the man is wearing a western style clothing and the women in a Chinese dress while they haunt the 8th floor.

Imperial Palace

burma inn

The center of power in China for over 600 years was the imperial palace, ghostly eunuchs roam in the Forbidden City like they did in life. This was once home to powerful families and their slaves. Betrayal in the palace, servants and officials stabbing each other in the back lead to miserable spirits. Here ghostly music and be heard at night, ghostly women walks through the corridors and a guard named Fat Fu who served in the forbidden city in mid-1990 was bothered by a woman with long black hair. When he and some of the other guards started chasing her she ran away, presuming she was a thief they chased her into a room and locked the door, then ordered her to turn around and in horror they discovered she had no face. She indeed was a ghost.

The Burma Inn

The Burma Inn had a guest stay over many years ago, who died after the head chef poisoned him, the chef then committed suicide by stabbing himself to death, it the vengeful victim’s spirit haunts the hotel in a search for the chef. Huguan Opera House, another location that is reported to be haunted, was built in 1807 as a home to serve the poor. This was built on an ancient graveyard, is haunted and people commonly hear humans shouting, although there is no one to be seen.

The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Certainly, the Great Wall of China is also its most enigmatic symbol, it spans across 5000 miles and was built in sections from the 7th century. The wall was built to protect the empire from hostile invasion. It is estimated that around 1 million soldiers lost their lives building the wall and numerous people have reported that they have seen spirits walking the wall or hearing footsteps marching by invisible souls, the deaths occurred due to fatal falls and lightning strikes.

Chaonei Church

It is strange to hear about a church that is actually haunted, but the Chaonei Church in the Chaoyang district was originally constructed in the 20th century, it served all the residence of British missionaries who lived in Beijing. The priest who built it suddenly vanished, a team was sent to investigate by the Catholic Church and when searching the church a tunnel was discovered that led to Jiuxiangiao, the priest was never found and conspiracies start involving ghosts. One such conspiracy is that the government official who lived in the church took her life and it was her sobbing that could be heard through the corridors at night, but some have reported seeing a woman running.