The Creepiest Places Can Be Found in Europe

Europe unionEurope has a few creepy things, other countries have them too, but the haunted places in Europe are different and would feel out of place anywhere else.
The creepiest have to be the bone churches, if you are a bone church enthusiast then Europe have lots to offer. The most popular are the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic, although Portugal has one closed for renovations. Catacombs in Paris are full of millions of bone and Capuchin Crypt in Rome have over 4,000 bones of monks. Capuchin Crypt holds a set of human bones arranged on the ceiling, looking like a grim reaper.

Borgvattnet Sweden

Vicarage hotel, sweden

The ghosts in Borgvattnet Sweden are tame, they knock people out of their rocking chairs and disappear into the night or are they really angry, the Vicarage is now a hotel and restaurant and those who spend the night without leaving get a certificate for bravery. It is also not easy to get there, the closest station is in Ostersund and it would take an over 5-hour train ride from Stockholm.

Abandoned Mansion

The abandoned mansion in Ireland offers an aura of mystery and its scariness includes elements of the unknown. County Galway seems to have popped up from nowhere, it’s famous for being abandoned and the fence warns visitors not to approach, no one cares or investigates, maybe that adds to the scariness.

Torture Museum

In Amsterdam is the Torture Museum, and it is said to be exactly what you would expect, dark, musty, uncomfortable and packed with terrifying contraptions. The chairs are covered in nails, helmets, stretching tables and other pain inducing equipment. It also has a guillotine and visitors are asked not to attempt to use it.

Sewers Museum

The Sewers Museum in Paris is where you can dirty in the romantic city, it is not romantic, to say the least, and the sewers represent the cities underbelly, which is associated with rats, villains, and trash. In 1980 an adult crocodile appeared here but then some say it is an urban legend.

Hoia Baciu Forest

Ram Inn

Romania has the Hoia Baciu Forest, in this forest nature turns out to be terrifying and the forest is unsettling and described as haunted. It is made of mystery, UFO’s, disappearances, ghost stories and weird electronic malfunctions. Visitors report an intense feeling of being watched and this is a huge dead-zone as in the middle vegetation does not grow and where the paranormal activities occur.

Ram Inn

In Gloucestershire England the ancient Ram Inn is a haunted hotel, the hotel has been featured in numerous ghost hunter shows and was built on an pagan burial ground, the owner found human remains buried near and underneath the hotel.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is haunted by the many ghosts who returned from hundreds of prisoners who was tortured here and now haunts the grounds. Even today it is unsettling to wander here, Henry VIII had wife Anne who was tried for treason, locked in the tower and executed by beheading and she is believed to walk the tower grounds.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is found on every haunted list and widely considered as the world’s most haunted place, every awful thing one human can do to another was done here and the ghosts are not allowing anyone to forget it.