Most Haunted Houses in Texas

Texas has its own share of haunted houses, hotels, and other buildings, we count down the most haunted buildings. In Texas, you have to start with the Hill Country to enjoy an otherworldly experience. Is this the sweeping panoramas or could it be the creepiest paranormal.

Texas Hill County

Texas Hill County is described mostly as a peaceful and beloved oasis. The hotel is a favorite for visitors who to float the Frio and it gives a wonderful view of the hills. Believe in Texas legends and the Hill Country is the place where you will have the time of your life and maybe even afterlife, so if you are traveling to Texas and would like a little paranormal encounter to check out the haunted places to visit.

Faust Hotel

Faust Hotel, Texas

It is understood that the original owner of Faust Hotel, Walter Faust Sr. still haunts his most favorite property. Maids at this hotel have seen a black cat leaping from one table to another and then just disappearing. Plus a female shadow has been seen haunting the dining room on more than one occasion. The elevator also moves up and down on its own was reported by paranormal investigators.

Baby Head Cemetery

The Baby Head Cemetery earned its unique name from the occurrence in 1850 when a tragedy allegedly occurred. The legend is about Native Americans who kidnapped, Mary Elizabeth a girl from a close-by settlement, when a search party goes out they discovered her body and find that she has been brutally murdered and her head was impaled on a post, a grave was dug and resting place of Mary was called the Baby Head Cemetery. Visitors have reported crying sounds and all felt a discomforting sense. Another place that has become famous for supernatural incidences dating back to the Tonkawa and Comanche tribes is the Enchanted Rock, State Natural Area, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. It is home to mysterious blue lights floating, believed to be spirits of sacrificed humans and the great rock moans at times.

Woman Hollering Creek

Add Woman Hollering Creek to your list to visit, it’s here where a young fertile Mexican American woman had her first born. She drowned her child near the creek as she was unwilling to lose her lover. She went to the creek for the rest of her life to wail and weep for her child and it continued even after her death. Many have witnessed her ghostly apparition and many have heard her outrageous cries, in Spanish, she is called La Llorona, which means the weeping woman.

Frio River

The Frio River is where many have seen a white mist rising in the shape of a woman. She is called the spirit of the white lady, it is believed to be the spirit of Maria Juarez, if it is indeed her, she died in the 1900’s. Her story is that she was once the love of her sister’s husband, Gregorio. She refused to have an affair and waited for a man who she could have children with, she decided to marry Anselmo but this made Gregorio go into a rage and he shot her in the heart. She was buried in her white wedding dress along the river and has been covering children with blankets when they are cold.