Haunted Places You Want to Avoid

There are a number of terrifying and haunted placed you would never want to be in and these will send chills down your spine. The gas field set alight by Soviet scientists have been burning for over 40 years, yet spiders love it there and swarm by the thousands to the door to hell in Turkmenistan.

the La Isla de la Munecas

The trees of the sea or Aokigahara Forest at Mount Fuji is also called the suicide forest and is reported to be the place with the second highest suicide number in the world. The first I the Golden Gate Bridge. With about a 100 people a year wandering into this forest, never returning, they do a yearly sweep to remove scattered human bones and skulls. To try and prevent the suicide plague notices are now put up through the forest.

La Isla de la Munecas

In Mexico the La Isla de la Munecas is definitely one of those places that will leave you speechless, also called the Island of Dolls, this have become a tourist attraction. The real attraction? Every tree is decorated with mutilated and deformed dolls. Tourists say that it feel like you being watched all the time and the creepy doll is enough to make it super scary.

The Island of Doll

The Island of Doll is totally abandoned, haunted and legend has it, that over 50 years ago it was a man called Don Julian Santana who left his kids and wife behind to move to the island and lived alone for the rest of his life. In this time the body of a dead girl came floating in the canal and Don thought it was a haunted, this starts his collection of doll collecting and he eventually started decorating the island with dolls. In exchange for dolls, he traded fruits and vegetables, in total he lived on the island for 50 years.

Union Cemetery

Easton, the Union Cemetery

In Easton, the Union Cemetery is the place to avoid as it is considered to the most haunted place in the United States. The most popular or famous ghost is called the white lady and there are many photographs in which she can be seen. She has been hit by vehicles as she frequently appears in the roadway and in 1993 a fireman had a dent in his vehicle when he hit her.

Pickens County Courthouse

Carrolton in Alabama has its own haunted house, it’s the Pickens County Courthouse, and ghosts can be seen in one of the windows. The face belongs to Henry Wells, when the courthouse was burned down on a very stormy night in 1878, he was falsely accused. Visitors can now view the face in the window with binoculars that has been placed from across the street.

Willard Asylum

Built in 1869 and finally closed in 1995 the Willard Asylum was home to 4000 patients diagnosed as chronically insane. In its time, over half of the 50,000 patients who had died within these walls makes the asylums morgue creepy, and by the time it closed, the patients that were still there at the time have integrated back into society.

These are just a few of the scariest places around and others include the underwater city of Shicheng China, the abandoned military hospital in Beelitz Germany and UFO houses in San Shi Resort in Taiwan.