Germany’s Haunted Houses

germanyWhile a good ghost story raises the hair on your arms it is reported that today the Western culture are more interested in paranormal evidence than ever before. More and more movies are made television programs and documentaries. America sure has its share of haunted houses, Europe is an unparalleled destination for the paranormal with its Loch Ness Monster to circles in their crops and Romania is well known for its vampires, while Germany has Frankenstein’s Castle or is the more…

Bernkastel-Kues Cemetery, Germany

It’s near Verden that strange things happen on the road, it’s a stretch with more accidents and deaths than any other road in the same area. Many witnesses have come forward about the white lady appearing right there between the hours of 2 and 3 am, they reckon she appears when you drive fast and she could be a warning to drivers or is she actually causing the accidents?

Bernkastel-Kues Cemetery

Germans who visit the Bernkastel-Kues Cemetery have also seen a white lady with a long dress floating, the reports claim that she cries. The is also another version of the story surrounding this ghost when a hunter saw her he had to be taken to the hospital the next day due to swollen legs and a very high fever, while in the hospital he kept talking about her and how she attacked him, but he died later in hospital.

Bitburg Air Force base

At the Bitburg Air Force base, which used to be a popular meeting place for Nazis, you can now hear the doors shut and lock, watch the furniture move to block the entrance. At the concentration camp near Munich, photographs were taken inside or outside the property show odd shaped in red and black. The site that was a Nazi hospital, called Conn Barracks, had a psyche ward, dining facilities and was used as barracks for US soldiers. In two separate occasions which were over two years apart, there were two people who used the same room and both of them had haunting dreams. The room they slept in was right above the drainage room, the room was used to embalm bodies. Theses soldiers who slept there do not know each other although both had the same dream of a Nazi ordering a nurse who is covered in blood to do something and when she choke the soldier he wakes up from the dream, but there are also other rumours about an anti-abortionist women walking the hallway while carrying a fetus.

Frankenstein Castle

Near Darmstadt is the Frankenstein Castle, local’s claims that Johann Konrad Dippel’s ghost now haunts the castle along with others, This ghost is said to visit between Christmas and New Year, he is seen sitting on the roof of the chapel. Numerous paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have been visitors to the castle in hope to unravel the mysteries. The beautiful daughter of a former landlord haunts the Friedland Castle, rumor has it that she was cursed by her father on his deathbed and she now haunts men walking in the castle, legend has is the will jump on your back and strangle you if you react improperly.