England’s Chilling Haunted Places

UKKnown for being the home to haunted locations, we take a look at England’s most notorious locations for unexplained paranormal phenomena. It’s close to Ashford in Kent and often referred to as the most haunted village, it’s haunted by at least a dozen ghosts. Dark attractions include the corner of fright where it is said that a highwayman came to a premature death, the screaming woods is where guests still catch the frightening cries of the deceased, Pluckley residents are fed up with its ghastly reputation and hordes of ghost hunters flock here every Halloween.

Tower of London

Prestbury is another contender for one of the scariest haunted villages in Britain, it’s on the edge of Cotswold and known for a hooded Abbot ghost. The ghost pays the village a visit about three times a year and that is on All Saints Day, Christmas and Easter but he has been spotted at times after funeral. They say his visits starts in the churchyard at St Mary’s and then stroll down through the village.

The imposing stone fortress in London is haunted by royal souls. These souls met their end within the gray walls of the Tower of London and include Thomas Becket, Edward V, Shrewsbury’s Richard and the Towers young Princes who were murdered here in 1483, it also includes Boleyn who was beheaded in 1536 and Howard who followed six years later.

Tower of London

Impressive Edinburgh Castle of Scotland astounds with its beautiful structure and makes the haunted list with a phantom piper, spectral dog, and a headless drummer. A rigorous scientific survey was done here over 10 days in 2001, using modern night vision cameras and over 240 screened volunteers were part of it. It was almost half that reported ghostly sighting, reports also include sudden temperature drops and feelings that there were unseen presences.

Eyam Hall

Bethnal Green Tube Station

The building that now is the Eyam Hall, Historic House, Craft Centre and Restaurant became famous in 1665 during the plague, during these epidemic residents selected to isolate themselves. Haunted locations are the Miners Arms pub where you can hear unexplained footsteps and Eyam Hall is where a young servant girl named Sarah Mills who drowned can now be seen.

Bethnal Green Tube Station

The Bethnal Green Tube Station was where 173 people took shelter in world war two and was crushed to death during an air raid. Farringdon tube station is haunted by Anne Naylor who was murdered in 1758 on the site.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

In Devon it’s the Berry Pomeroy Castle that is reportedly haunted by the blue lady, she lures people to aid her, those who assist her fall to their death. This picturesque castle hides a sinister secret and has two female ghosts, the white lady haunts the dungeons.

Woodchester Mansion

In Gloucestershire, the unfinished Gothic revival of Woodchester Mansion only looks completed from the outside, inside floors are missing and plaster are off the walls. Ghosts sighted here include a cellar ghost, phantom horseman and visitors have been attacked by ghosts. Women who used the bathroom reported a floating head.

There is still a long list of other haunted sites, castles, and houses that made the haunted list, although these are where the highest amount of activity has been reported and they earned their place as the spookiest of places in the United Kingdom.