Canada’s Most Haunted Locations

CanadaFrom gruesome battlefields to gothic hotels, spooks and spirits abound. Canada is one of the richest countries when it comes to ghosts and the supernatural. In many towns scattered across the Canadian country, there is hauntings all year round in railway tunnels, hospitals, and other places.

Keg Mansion, Toronto

Queen’s Park Toronto, this was home to the Ontario legislature. The grounds of the Queen’s Park previously belonged to a psychiatric hospital, and rumors have it that three of the former inmates still roam the building in their ghostly form. While other spirits have been spotted in the suite of Lieutenant Governor’s suite plus a man haunts the main staircase, dressed in a red uniform.

The Keg Mansion

Keg Mansion, Toronto, now it is one of the Keg Steakhouse franchises, although once it was the private residence of Hart Massey, His only daughter died in 1915 and one of the maids, hang herself stricken by grief. But then there is also the other side of the story which claims the maid hang herself in fear of her affair with Massey being revealed. We might never know which of the stories to believe, but the ghostly appearance of the maid dangling by her neck is still seen by many Keg visitors over the years.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame situated in Toronto, Ontario. Before this striking building became Canada’s hockey shrine, its earlier use was as branch of The Bank of Montreal. A lonely teller by the name of Dorothy, who worked at the bank, ended her life after her romantic advances were rejected by the bank manager. It’s her ghost that is still around, and sounds of a women crying can still be heard today.

The home built for the coal miner, Dunsmuir and his family in the 1890’s, is now a beautiful Victorian era building and also become an eerie attraction for Canadian tourists. Many have reported that the piano plays by itself and there has been a ghostly woman dressed in white seen many times. Can this be attributed to the supernatural untimely death of Dunsmuir’s, only one year before his home was completed?

Fort Garry Hotel

If you don’t mind a ghostly roommate for the night then book the notorious room 202 in the Fort Garry Hotel. Some request this room, while others stay far away from it. The housekeeping staff have reported blood oozing from the walls, former guests say they saw a figure in the cloak room watching them. The hotel was built in 1913 and the root of this evil is believed to be the suicide and murder that occurred their many years ago.

Blue Ghost Tunnel

Thorold, Ontario ghosts at the Blue Ghost Tunnel. Unexplained noises, green slime, and a demonic energy are what welcome visitors to the tunnel. It’s not far from the Welland Canal and ghost hunter’s state that the men distorted and killed throughout the building of the canal now haunts the tunnel. The tunnel was permanently closed in 1915 after it was used for 39 years.

Ancaster’s hermitage, originally built in the 1800’s were a residence that housed Otto Ives an English officer and his bride Magdalene Diamanti. One of his nieces living there at the time and the coachman fell in love and when Ives did not give his permission for them to be wed, the coachman was found hanging in the barn. Now it is a paranormal hotspot and part of the Hermitage and Gatehouse Museum.