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ghostMost people just love a good haunted house story and the more lurid it can be the, the better. While most have probably been exposed to ghost stories involving a haunted house with terrifying residents storming out or screaming those are just stories.

Put urban legends, pure speculation aside there are known occurrences, actually a plethora of them that involves the paranormal, some of which have been reported for years and have been documented. Stereotypical stories about ghosts have a tendency to have a feeling of far-fetched tales, especially when the word paranormal is brought into it. There are houses of different styles, time periods throughout the world, which were home to ordinary farmers and high society families that are haunted, are they perhaps simply eternal homes of former owners or residents.

Negative imagery haunted houses exists for reasons and we take a look at houses, some disturbing in others spirits tend to hold a deep hostility, we take a look at experiences of guest in homes that are now hotels, museums and get answers from paranormal investigators who are out to discover the truth. While we all love the thrill and excitement of a haunted house, that love often spills over to other areas of interest in life, one being enticing and scary themed video slots. There are multiple slots in this style and often offer a theme and imagery that will please those with a love things scary. To learn more about the many haunted themed slots one can enjoy and the many casinos offering them, visit casinos.co, as they have loads of information about each and should be considered an excellent resource.

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Sturdivant Hall in Alabama was the home of the Watts family, sold to Parkman and auctioned, the house was bought by the City of Selma. It became a museum and are now home to five spirits. The Baker house was the hiding place of a soldier, his blood is still visible and his footsteps can still be heard. The German Gothic castle in Selma falls into the haunted house category as the ghosts still questions the resident actions.

The White House has ghosts of its own and there are several, the ghost most seen are that of Lincoln, and Jackson and Franklin Roosevelt have also been reported to walk down the hallways. It is said that Lincoln remain to lend a hand in times of crises.

Texas has its share of haunted houses, hotels and other buildings where the paranormal activity takes place. These include the Baby Head Cemetery, Enchanted Rock, Woman Hollering Creek and the Frio River.

Canada has gruesome battlefields, gothic hotels, and towns scattered with ghosts. In Toronto the Keg Mansion is still haunted, so is Queens Park and the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Garry Hotel is know for room 202 that has walls oozing of blood and the ghosts still make noises in the Blue Ghost Tunnel.

England is renowned for its haunted locations most notorious for unexplained paranormal phenomena and places to either visit or avoid include Prestbury village, the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and the Bethnal Green Tube Station.

Germany has dangerous stretches of roads, Bernkastel-Kues Cemetery, Bitburg Air Force, Frankenstein’s Castle and Schwerin Castle. But then there are the places you want to avoid at all cost and they include the Aokigahara Forest near Mount Fuji, the Island of Dolls in Mexico, Easton’s Union Cemetery, Pickens County Courthouse and the Willard Asylum that was home to over 50,000 patients over the years.

In China, there is thousands of haunted houses, opera houses, and hotels, but the main one is undoubtedly the Forbidden City, but the Great Wall of China has some spirits of its own and the Chaonei Church still have a mystery. Europe still has the creepiest places and bone churches is one of the scariest on the list of haunted places, followed by the Torture Museum in Amsterdam.